The Right Time

by No Longer a Loser

I had noticed a pretty girl in class for several weeks, but I was avoiding going up to her to say "hi" -- I was waiting for "the right time."

Past experience should tell me that this concept of "the right time" would never come. My friends had already met her and knew her.

One week ago, realizing that this right time would never come, I went up to her in class and said "Hi, what's your name?" She tells me, and that's that.

Geez, was I all that worried about approaching her, just to find out her name? I guess I have insecurity issues.

The point is, once I met her, it turns out that she's very nice. Just because she's a hottie doesn't mean she is out of my league.

What I'm thinking is why didn't I approach her sooner?

I have come to the conclusion that ignoring the 3-second rule is a very stupid thing to do.

3-Second Rule -- where upon seeing a hottie, you wait no longer than 3 seconds before approaching to say hello. Almost infallible in getting you off your arse if you follow it. Don't make excuses. See hottie, 1, 2, 3 seconds, walk up - "hello".

Realize this: the things you regret the most are usually the things you don't do.