A Cute Dog

by Reyalp

Get a cute dog and the women will come to you in droves.

I used to work in a call center, one of those places that does telemarketing. We had about 500 employees, mostly women. My friend had just bought a miniature Doberman Pinscher, so I borrowed it one afternoon and walked into work.

I think I made it 30 feet before a little blonde stopped me. I talked to her for a minute and then walked down a row (12 people on each side) and it took me an hour to make it all the way.

When I got to the end I just walked back down the row and went outside, to take the dog back to my friend. I didn't even make it halfway to my car before a girl standing outside smoking stopped me.

I made a vow right then and there to buy a mini-Pin one day.

Women love excuses to talk to you -- your cologne, your dog, whatever. Dogs make it easy because women love dogs. Miniature dogs are great because they always look like puppies, and we all know that women love puppies.

A mini-Pin will set you back about $500. But hey, I've spent more than that at bars in the past month, and the mini-Pin will last longer than a buzz will.