'Hi' Like You Mean It Goes a Long Way

by PracticalHappiness.com

Have you noticed that following the advice of saying "hi" to random women does not lead to much?

Well, I have good news! If you modify the way in which you greet these women, it might just go a long way.

Now, let's consider how a guy says "hi" to a girl he doesn't know. He will either look at her with a grumpy shy face, try to catch eye contact, nod his head and quickly look away. Sometimes, a guy will say "hi" very quietly, almost whispering and again look away.

Women Simply Mirror Your Greeting.

If you are shy and quiet, she will be. If you just nod, the most she will do will be to nod. If you say "hi" very quietly, that's all she will do. Can you guess where I am going?

Develop in yourself the ability to look at a woman you don't know, make eye contact, and give her a clear, somewhat loud, friendly, accompanied-with-a-smile "HI." She then will simply have to say "hi" back to you properly.

Your next big step which must follow IMMEDIATELY AFTER her responding to your greeting will be saying something. It doesn't really matter what. "How is it going?" will do. An observation about your environment, especially if there is something funny to comment on, will be great.

Here is one script:

She is in line at a grocery store with seemingly very healthy food in her basket. You approach to the same register behind her. She turns around, you say "HI" loudly with a smile. She says "hi" back.

You make a comment: "Wow, your majesty is going to live a long, healthy life; I wish I ate half as healthy as you do."

She (smiling): "Oh, thanks. Well, I eat plenty of junk too."

You: "You? Yea, right! With a figure like that, you couldn't have fooled me..."

She (blushing): "Oh, thanks."

You: Perhaps I could get some advice on a nutritional and healthy lifestyle from you some time (with smirk).

She: Perhaps.

You: "How can I get in touch with you?"

She gives you her number.

You spice it up with something like: "Oh, I thought you had a business card... aren't you a licensed dietician?" She is going to laugh.

When you talk to her on the phone, you can tease her by saying things like: "I just want you to know that our meeting is going to be strictly business..."

Now go, check the isles, and say "HI".

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