Advantages of Being Single

by Mark

So many people are depressed, sad, and lonely because they don't have somebody.

They think that once they finally find someone, they will be happy -- and they will have no troubles. Well I'm writing this for all of you people today.

It may be true that having someone can help add to your happiness and fulfillment. I believe that can occur and does occur when you find the right person that suits you.

But I can also recall a lot of people that are in relationships and they are miserable. They're not happy at all. In fact, it's like they are in prison. Many of them are trapped and they'd give anything to be single. They'd give anything to be in your shoes today.

This site gives guys great tips for picking up and meeting women. Yes, there are advantages of being in a relationship, but I want to point out to you today some of the great advantages of being single.

- You can do whatever you want, whenever you want. No questions asked. No guilt about doing it either. You don't have to make excuses. You don't have to call your girlfriend to check in on her or ask her permission to go somewhere.

- You can fool around with as many women as you want.

- You can have a lot of fun.

- You can go out to places that you otherwise couldn't go to if you had a girlfriend.

- You can have fun and spend time with your friends. A lot of married people don't have a lot of time to spend with their friends anymore.

- You can really focus on your career, education, fitness, and goals.

- You have time to improve yourself and become a better person.

- You are free. You don't have anything holding you down or back.

- You don't have to listen to any bitching.

So the next time you start to get down because you're not dating someone, remember to enjoy the time that you are single. Before long you'll be married and settled down. Enjoy it while you can.

Another thing, once you do find someone to settle down with, know that if you don't bring happiness into the relationship, you will never be happy in that relationship in the long run. Don't depend on someone else for your happiness -- that is no way to live.

Only you are ultimately responsible for your own happiness.


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