Don't Let Bad Phone Skills Ruin Her Impression of You

by ChaseMe

I speak from experience, that a crappy phone presence can either RUIN you, or make you seem so confident, mysterious, and fun that she can't WAIT to go out with you.

Here's what I've learned (and trust me, I've blown it many times and learned the hard way).

1) Nervous

I've learned how to handle this one. The trick is to WAIT until you are in a calm but goofy mood. This will be the exact right tone. Then I launch right into the cocky-goofy thing cause it flows right out.

"This is Sean... we met in the coffee bar and you gave me your number? Yeah, I just won the lottery and wondered if you were still single?" You get the idea.

2) Assertive

I've noticed that most people MUMBLE and STUMBLE all over themselves with garbage like: "What'cha been doing?" Nothing bores her more.

Instead, think of one or two RELEVANT questions to ask her according to her interests. "How's your backhand?" if she mentioned that she plays tennis.

3) Purpose

There is a REASON for this phone call, and it is to SEE her again. You are NOT some pathetic loser. You're a man, and you want to ask her out.

4) Busy?

I call this one the date killer. Surprisingly, most of us guys STILL use it. "Are you busy Friday night?"

This is insulting to her, and shows a lack of commitment on your part. Who wants to admit they have no plans for Friday? TELL her you found her interesting, and would like to get together Friday to do something related to the common interests you guys have discovered.

5) Event

If possible, make the date for something MEMORABLY EXCITING. A concert, wall rock climbing, something she's never done before. Also, remember to let her know that YOU'RE GOING regardless of whether she says yes.

This shows that you're an exciting guy, and it gives her a reason to say YES, because it's an event SHE SHOULDN'T MISS.