Watch a DJ at Work

by JoshCole

I find that the key part of the game plan is to keep the conversation going. Once you have your approach down, once you have this beautiful creature lined up in your sites, what the hell do you talk about?

Well, as we have all read over and over again, the first and foremost subject that she would LOVE to talk about is, *drum roll* HERSELF! Of course.

So, sitting in bed watching a little tv the other night, I happened upon Jay Leno interviewing the ultimate babe, Pamela Anderson. So I'm thinking to myself, "My God! If I ran into Pam Anderson, I would have NO IDEA what to talk about!" Than Jay started to run his game.

I was so surprised to see how he handled it that I burst out laughing!

First, he made sure to make good use of her name. Using both Pam, and Pamela, and more than once. The whole conversation was based around Pamela.

Now being this is The Tonight Show, and everyone is watching to hear about the guest and not Jay, this is not a big surprise. The surprise was that Jay was DJing her! He kept asking short, open questions about her. She would try to shift the conversation to another topic (him usually) and he would bring it right back to her.

They hit an embarrassing moment when the crowd sent up questions for Pam and they were all about her implants. She tried to crack on Jay for putting her on the spot, and he completely IGNORED it and went right back to talking about her!

He touched her lightly on the arm and shoulder a few times, even from behind his desk! Is that's not kino I don't know what is!

Anyway, my point is, I was amazed that I could watch how Jay talked to her (or any other pretty guest I would suppose) and I could learn how to keep the small talk going and the conversation centered around HER!

So, if you want a quick easy way to watch a DJ at work, check out Jay when he has a hottie on.

P.S. Regis and Conan are also incredible flirts when they have beautiful women as guests.