Just Four Words

by The Swingbandit

Picture this: you are a sub-average looking guy, you haven't got the gift of the gab with women, but after just 4 words to the hottest babe at the venue, you have her in your arms squealing with delight?

Sounds like baloney? No, it's called swing dancing!

I took up East Coast swing dancing a couple of years ago. It's a great way to meet girls, and there's always a large girl to guy ratio.

What's great about swing dancing is that it's a fun, cool dance that you can dance to virtually any music with a bit of a beat, and you can make a girl who has never taken a dance lesson in her life, and has no idea what you are about to do, look fantastic on the dance floor.

As we know, girls all have a thing for dancing. And they love being shown off! With swing dancing, unlike e.g. hip-hop, the guy doesn't come across as showing off. He shows off the girl by leading her into wild double-turns and dips and drops.

I went along to an hour class once a week for about a year. It's a pretty simple dance to learn, as the footwork is basic. You become good at dancing with girls who know the steps and moves.

The next art to acquire is to lead girls who have never been near a swing dance class. It doesn't take long -- you just don't worry about the footwork and lead her with your arms. You use moves where the girl has no option but to turn or move the way you lead her.

It's the best social skill I've ever learned -- I now have a whale of a time at weddings, work nights out, or any social occasion where there's some music and a bit of floor space to whirl a girl about on. And besides just enjoying yourself, you provide exhilaration and pleasure to the girls. And there's the buzz of having complete control of the hottest body in the establishment.

Try matching that with conversation!

Oh, by the way, the 4 words are "Hi, like a dance?"