Using the Phone to Pick Up Women

by Smooth Operator

I was at a pub in Lusaka with a friend of mine from out of town. He saw this really hot looking cutie from across the room who was sitting with a guy, but seemed bored. My friend wanted to approach her but he was not at all sure how to do it.

I became selfish and decided to show him how it was done.

I waited until she was alone, then I asked my friend to go to her and give her his mobile phone and tell her she had a call. As he walked towards her, I took out my phone and dialed my friend's number.

My friend gave her the phone and when she answered I introduced myself and waved so that she could see who she was talking to. She smiled and waved back and we talked for a few moments. Then I asked her if I could buy her a drink. She agreed and I hung up.

I bought the drink and walked over to her to pick up my friend's phone, give her the drink and get her phone number. I left when her date came back to the table.

I called her later that day and we linked up.

My friend was pissed, but I scored.