Don't Tolerate Second Class Behavior


Don't tolerate second class behavior and don't hope it will change - it won't!

Ever called a girl you met and had her texting you three days later asking you how you are doing? You wonder what is wrong with her. Why doesn't she call you back?

What about when she tells you that she couldn't call back for 4 days because she didn't have time? Can you think of a serious, valid reason why someone wouldn't be able to spend one minute on calling you back as a matter of courtesy?

Or even better - have you ever set up a date and had a woman cancel on you two hours before because she was tired? Why in the world would she do that?

Save your time and energy and realize that these women live in a reality that is different from yours. Their paradigm is of irresponsible behavior and they lack respect for their time and/or yours.

Are they mean on purpose? Probably not. They are simply not bright enough to understand that what they do is wrong or rude. Or perhaps they follow "The Rules" which makes them even more ridiculous.

In any event - don't waste ANY time on them. Cut them off as early as you can and focus your attention, time and energy on those who do return your phone calls promptly, show up on time, and otherwise treat you respectfully.

Her basic courtesy or "business etiquette" in communicating with you at the very early stages is a reliable indicator as to who she is. Use it to your advantage to weed out the bad roots early and keep yourself busy with the good ones.