On the Street You Have an Advantage

by De La Soul

How have I doubled my pick-ups in the last month without cosmetic surgery, a lottery win, or hypnosis?

More to the point, how could you do this?

It's easy: be prepared. Prepare yourself to approach a woman in any situation, at any time, in any way.

I used to let slip by at least 1 or 2 opportunities to approach women every single day, simply because I was not prepared. I would see a babe walking across the street from me, I would think to myself - I wouldn't mind laying her out across my carpet, and I would keep walking. That same night in a bar, I would approach 2 or 3 women with no problem.

The crucial difference was, in a bar, you're prepared.

The reason why you don't get a LOT of numbers in a bar, is because women are also prepared. They KNOW that they're going to get hit on by scores of devil-eyed men every night - the result? They put on their bitch shields to filter out the junk, or block out everyone.

On the street you have an advantage: women are not prepared for an approach.

How can you use this to your advantage? Approach them! PREPARE YOURSELF TO APPROACH WOMEN EVERYWHERE. Test her initial interest in you by smiling at her, if she smiles back - initiate a short conversation. Get her number and scoot.

So you can spend twice as much time and effort with women in bars or clubs who have their bitch shields up, and are waiting to be approached. Or you can make things quicker, easier, and much more fun for yourself by being prepared to approach women in everyday situations.

You'll get results.