Dating Ideas

by Mark

As you all know, there are many factors in dating. There are many important things to learn and practice.

Once you apply the tips on this site, before long you'll start getting dates regularly and often. It's important to have some ideas of where to go on a date. Here are just a few date ideas I've come up with and use. Hopefully this will give you some help if you are struggling to come up with some ideas.

Even if you've been dating someone for a while, it's important not to get stuck in a rut. Always keep things new and fresh. I'm sure there are many more places I haven't mentioned, but these are my most common date places:

- Lunch at a restaurant

- Coffee date

- Bowling

- Workout date - walking or light weightlifting

- Go to the park - to walk, exercise, picnic, play with the dog, whatever

- Play putt putt golf

- Go to a concert

- Go to a sporting event - basketball, baseball, football, hockey, etc.

- Go to a movie - NOT ON A FIRST DATE!

- Dinner at a restaurant

- Go to a party together

- Go to a dance club

- Go to a comedy club

- Go to a funny show or play

- Go to an adult arcade

- Go on a double date - NOT ON A FIRST DATE!

- Play racquetball - it's an easy sport to learn

- Go to church

- Go to the casinos

- Go to the drive-in

- Zoo

- Play cards or games together

- Halloween - haunted houses

- Christmas - look at Christmas lights or go to shows

That's all I can think of right now. I hope that some of this helps out. Just remember to mix it up a little bit and don't get in the same routine every single weekend. Be different than the rest of those other boring guys out there.

Hopefully you can use some of these ideas if you're stuck or just want to mix things up a little bit. They have worked well for me.