The Magic of Casual Flirting

by Copo

I am usually very shy when it comes to the girls I like. So it has always been a problem for me to approach them, just because I feel I will make a complete fool of myself. This has bothered me for almost my whole life. But recently (about 8 months ago) I figured out a solution.

We have all heard that practice makes perfect, right? Well, what I've discovered is that instead of just paying attention to girls you like, you should start flirting with EVERY girl you meet.

Don't get me wrong -- I don't mean try to hook up with every girl -- but just flirt casually, even innocently with all of them.

This will not only give you all the practice you need for getting that special girl, but if you play your cards right, girls will suddenly become more interested in you.

Your reputation amongst the ladies will become very favorable (they talk about everything), your self-confidence will boost to its limit, and this will lead to more girls being interested in you.

If you start "flirting casually", eventually it will become something common in your everyday life, and the ladies will literally throw themselves at you.

I am certain that by that time, your ego will be high enough for you to walk to the girl you like (who by the way is now very interested in you because of what she has heard), have a decent conversation with her, and hit it off.

Another great benefit from casual flirting is that you can get other things. Practice with a bargirl and get free drinks. Practice with the nerd in your class and get your assignments done. Practice with your teachers and get better grades.

Good luck!