The Power of Indifference

by Tizzle

I would like to share with you a story that opened my eyes to a simple word that sums up and encompasses attracting women -- Indifference.

I was out at the bar the other night, and a 9.5 happened to be standing next to me while I was doing a round of shots with my friends. She asked what kind of shot it was. I said SocoLime. She asked if we could do a shot of tequila.

Being that I was out of money, I simply said enthusiastically, "Sure! You buyin?" She reacted surprised and when she realized I was serious, responded emphatically, "No!" I simply turned to talk to someone else, not thinking anything of it.

Five minutes later, she taps me on the shoulder and informs me that she's buying me a shot. She couldn't stop talking about how she's never bought a shot for a guy before, blah blah blah.

Anyway, the point is that it was the fact that I didn't care either way -- whether or not we took a shot together or had a conversation didn't affect my night. It is this indifference that attracts women.

Indifference exudes confidence and gives them the impression that YOU are the prize and YOU are being sought after. Plus, it gives you the ability to approach more women, because if you get rejected -- SO WHAT? -- they weren't worth your time anyway. And if they decide to be, they will approach you.

Just act as if your night will be awesome regardless of what happens or who you meet, and you'll be on your way.