Delivering that First Kiss

by Frank

First and foremost, understand that I am by no means any sort of dating guru. I just recently began dating, and although I'm doing alright, it's a brand new experience for me. I'm not ready to believe that my current success is in any way permanent.

So while what I say here has worked for me, it may or may not work for you. I'm just offering it for your consideration.

One of the things I have noticed about these dating websites is that there seems to be a lot of problems with "the first kiss". This can be a difficult moment... where you discover if she has any real romantic interest, or if she has already decided that you're a chode, and it's NO SEX FOR YOU.

As men, we would like for the possibility of sex to remain open, and although kissing isn't a guarantee of sex, if she won't kiss you, it's not gonna happen.

So, my strategy for the first kiss has evolved from doing things that will make that kiss as likely as possible. A change of location helps a lot... to another part of the club, if you're in a bar, or better still, a very scenic spot somewhere nearby.

Here's the key part: once you are observing the scenery -- my favorite time was at a pier on the water, with the night skyline of New York City in the distance -- you get behind her and stand there talking to her about the beautiful view.

Put your hands on her hips, in a non-threatening way as you talk. Gently lean in to smell her perfume near her neck and whisper to her how beautiful it is to be here with her, and how wonderful she smells.

Then... before you go for her lips... gently kiss her neck.

Gentlemen, this is powerful stuff.

She might get all squishy and squeamish, but that's only good for a laugh. Wait a few seconds and kiss her neck again. If she offers resistance, it's not the right time. But it's been my experience that she will be helpless to the overwhelming sensuality of the moment, and soon she will be loving what you are doing.

Once she's comfortable with that, kiss up to her earlobe, and suck it gently. Whisper to her again, this time how hot she is.

Then kiss across her cheek. If she doesn't turn her head towards you, take ONE FINGER, put it on her chin, and gently turn her face in your direction.

By this time, the first kiss will be a done deal, guaranteed. Gently touch her lips with yours, and again, this time a little longer. Make that first kiss a good one, and the rest of the night will be LOTS of FUN.

Good luck, guys. It works for me - hope it works for you.

Frank - because people like that in me