What's Important to Her?

by Bungo Pony

After dating numerous women, I have been able to classify them into 2 separate categories:

1) Women with interests.

2) Women with no interests.

# Women with Interests

These are women who have hobbies, things that they enjoy doing in their spare time. These women will take time, energy, and put in a lot of work into a project of theirs. These women enjoy things such as Art, Cooking, Music, Gardening, Computers, etc.

Women who are interested in anything that takes time, intelligence, and creativity become very interesting people. They can have intelligent conversations about almost anything, and they always have something interesting going on in their life. These are women who are great to have long term relationships with.

# Women with No Interests

These are usually women who spend money on temporary pleasures. Their hobbies usually include watching TV, talking on the phone about other people, and going shopping. They spend their time (and money) on things such as dying their hair, getting their nails done, drugs/alcohol, slot machines, etc.

When you have a conversation with a woman like this, there are a lot of silences in the conversation. The most interesting conversations from these women are about their nails, kinds of makeup, their friend's stupidity, how they're waiting for their paycheck to go shopping, etc. These are women who are great for a good lay, but definitely NOT long term relationship material.

Any woman can buy clothes, but how many can make them?

Any woman can buy food, but how many can cook it?

Any woman can go to a hairstylist, but how many can style their own hair?

I guess the point I'm trying to make is, take a good look at a woman and the things important in her life before you decide to fall in love or become infatuated with her.