Dated Many Women? Be Proud of It!


Some people perceive men who have dated many women in a negative light. They assume immediately that these men cannot commit, cannot be loyal, cannot hold a woman, or should not be trusted.

The reality is the men with "rich" dating pasts are more likely to be good long term partners and are more likely to end up with a woman they really care about. Why?

The answer is very simple -- because these men discovered their ideal woman through trial and error. They actually learned through experience what they want in a woman and what they wish to avoid. They are better at assessing a new woman they meet and their compatibility.

Such men become more selective for their own good. They know exactly what qualities they are looking for in a woman that will allow them to have a great time together.

Experienced men are also more attractive to women because they are more skilled at interacting with women. Their experience has taught them how to deal with different issues in a relationship.

These men often find that most of the drop-dead gorgeous women are ditzy, dumb, dramatic, or users and for the most part are not worth the effort. This allows the experienced men to avoid the mistakes of wasting their time on barbies.

As potential lifetime partners for women, these men are LESS likely to cheat and mess around because they have already experienced so much and satisfied their drive for dating adventure. They will be less prone to temptation than those guys who didn't have their fair share and are still fantasizing about that opportunity to have an affair on the side.

So, if some woman "complains" about your dense dating resume, be proud of it and tell her that your experience is what made you the man she likes.