Have a Friend Bring Girls to You


The other night I visited a club with several friends, male and female. One couple I was with are the type that always try to hook me up. So they take it upon themselves to start bringing girls to me.

At first I got pissed, not wanting to be seen as the weak loser that can't do for himself. But after the second or third VERY POSITIVE response, I said what the hell and just played along. It was a blast! I met several girls throughout the night.

My friends were also hooking up another guy in our group. One of the girls went so far as to come down from a podium, which required her to circle the whole club and fight the crowd to get to him! Incidentally, she was HOT and about half his age.

You could even make this a tag team effort with one of your boys. Take turns making the match.

I do suspect, however, that the presence of FEMALES in your group would be a very big plus.