Just a Small Change

by DonJoey

Change your life by changing the small things you do.

This is what I've started and my day has a different ring to it.

1. I wake up an hour earlier each day. (I always loved sleeping in and being late to work.)

2. Now that I'm awake earlier, I've started walking and jogging for 30 minutes every morning. This makes me feel great and invigorated, in two ways -- I've managed to action an idea I had (to walk/jog in the morning), and I'm being physically better for it.

3. By getting up earlier, I don't have an excuse to get to work late. In fact I've been getting in before everyone else.

I now feel better in that I'm sticking it to the other staff here by beating them in. I'm also having more free time by finishing stuff earlier -- no interruptions when no one is here, which mean more sosuave.com time.

4. I'm losing more weight by walking/jogging -- so I've decided to eat better. I'm looking better, and by looking better I'm feeling better about myself. I'm happier and I feel more confident.

5. With all this confidence about myself, I don't seem to care that much what other people think at the moment. I feel like I'm my own man with a mission (don't know what the mission is yet, but I'm laying the foundation for something BIG), and I act like it.

6. With this look of a man on a mission, people are taking notice. Workmates, friends, etc. I look like I have ambition, I look like I'm happy, I look like I've got a lot to offer, and I really don't look like I need anyone.

7. With this look I'm now portraying, people want to get to know me. Not everyone wants to know me for long -- I'm still a human and I still have my flaws. So not everyone is interested in me, but a lot of people are.

But that doesn't matter, as I don't care what other people think of me. I'm happy being myself.

8. So being happy with being myself, I've decided to start accomplishing other stuff I've kept putting off. And by doing this I've increased my confidence in myself. (Is there anything I CAN'T DO? -- I just installed a new kitchen in my house with no instructions and I have no carpentry skills! -- and yeah, it does look good, just like the catalogue.)

There are still heaps I have to do with my life for me to consider it lived worthwhile with no regrets. Many things I want to try.

But I've made a small start... a simple start. I decided I was going to wake up an hour earlier.