What Women Want

by JustDoItAlways

I've found that the best predictor of what a woman really wants is the guys that she has chosen in the past and the way those boyfriends have treated her.

If she has only gone out with bad boys in the past, then chances are this is what she really wants no matter how much she complains about them. If she has only dated rich guys then she values what money, wealth, and possessions bring her. If she has only dated nice preppy guys then she probably wants a nice stylish guy.

If her relationships have always been filled with lots of fights and arguments, then she probably feels most comfortable in a nasty conflict-filled relationship. If she brings up how her last boyfriend was into really wild kinky sex, no matter how much she says she hated it, she's probably really into it -- she wouldn't have brought it up otherwise. The last guy she was with wanted to get serious right away and that turned her off.

You get the picture.

Sometimes we are told to not let her talk about her past relationships. This is wrong. Find out all you can about her by what happened with her past boyfriends. If anything, you will learn a lot about what she will be like in a potential relationship with you.

The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. If she's cheated on boyfriends before, chances are, she will do it again. This means that she'll cheat on her boyfriend with you or on you if you get into a relationship with her.

A good discussion topic is one-night-stands. The topic always comes up eventually. If she's had any ONSs, obviously find out what happened. Maybe the guy was a real smooth-talker. If that's the case, then patterns and fantasies and romantic discussions will work on her. Maybe the guys were really bold and really sexual with her. She then likes guys who are confident and really go for what they want.

After most of my ONSs and my frequent first-date sex nights, the explanation I have heard from the girl most often was "You just wanted me so much." These types of chicks really respond to your passion. If that's what she responds to, then keep giving that to her. (This is also one of the most effective tactics to get around the anti-slut-defense -- your "I really want you" passion.)

If possible, absolutely find out what her sexual relationship was like with her past boyfriends. In my experience, chicks come in two different sexual flavors with two different types each. They are either "High Drive" or "Low Drive" and then prefer "Run-of-the-Mill Sex" or "Wild Adventurous Sex". Find out what type she is and then deliver what she wants.

Of course, low drive women should be avoided.