Self Acceptance

by Yoursmasterfully

We must take responsibility for what occurs in our experience.

We must stare facts boldly in the eye, knowing as Einstein astutely observed that "Imagination is more important than facts."

The proposition here is that everything that occurs outside of ourselves, including resistance from the woman of our choice, had to first be entertained in the mind. For I am convinced (through my own experience) that the origin of rejection from others commences within the self.

Self-rejection can take many forms, from neglecting your financial health, to neglecting your physical or emotional health.

It is a fact that people mirror back to us those deeply held feelings and images that we have about ourselves. The wise old scholar Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best when he remarked: "What you are speaks so loud, I cannot hear what you say."

We teach people how to treat us. It does not matter what we tell ourselves on a conscious level, if deep down we do not believe it. We create our own reality based upon what we believe.

When we reject ourselves, we send subtle signals to others to reject us as well. What we must understand is that it is not what we say to others that is important, it is the language that we speak to ourselves.

In addition to confidence, charisma, depth, and the ability to articulate ideas with ease and skill; at the core, we must affirm our worthiness, we must wage war with our doubts about ourselves.

There is no such reality as a woman being out of man's league. There is only a man who has chosen to think a negative thought and thereby create a negative reality.

To the extent and degree that a man controls himself, respects himself, relies on himself and loves himself, to that very degree exactly does he automatically command respect, love, and appreciation from his woman.