A Guy Named Waldo

by Anon Juan

I'd like to tell you a quick story about a guy named Waldo.

Waldo loved women very much. In fact, he loved women sooo much that he would even try to date them.

Every time he asked a girl for a first date, the conversations would run along the lines of...

Waldo, speaking in a monotone voice, quiet background at his side of the phone line...

Waldo: Hi Sarah. Wanna go to dinner and a movie with me Monday night?

Sarah: Sorry, I have gym Mon...

Waldo: How about Tuesday night?

Sarah: Sorry, I have to help my parents with Christmas decorations.

Waldo: How about Wednesday night?

Sarah: Grandma has been having panic attacks lately, and I must tend to her... It's getting late, I have to go.

Do you understand everything that is going on here? What Waldo is doing wrong?

Be Exciting

How can Waldo expect her to get or be excited if he's not excited! As they say, enthusiasm is contagious. You should vary your voice pitch, volume, and use pauses.

Ask briefly how her day was. Tell her how busy you've been and what you've been doing. Asking immediately for a date or meeting without some rapport is asking for trouble and rejection.

Have some kind of interesting commotion (sounds, i.e. traffic, music, someone yelling, almost anything besides quiet!) in the background. She must know that you are very busy, and that you may have to hang up at any time!

Don't Try Too Hard

You should never try "too hard" -- it kills attraction.

Don't ask her to do too many things at once, and do not ask to do things that are too "big" or take too long (a movie and/or dinner qualifies here).

The girl probably hears: "Hi Sarah. Wanna go to dinner and a movie with me Monday night? And... if all goes well Monday, I just might get down on one knee, pull out a 5 carat diamond ring, and propose marriage to you!"

She probably feels trapped and is saying to herself: I hope he doesn't call again, how can I let him down, or where are those sleeping pills!

The Counteroffer

The girl just told Waldo that she can't make it Monday... and before she even finishes her sentence, he asks her for Tuesday! Give the girl a chance to speak!

She might have counter-offered with: "How about Wednesday?" or something else.

If she does say she cannot go on a "meeting" with you, let her give you a "counteroffer". If she doesn't counteroffer, then she is probably not that interested. It is probably time to move on, or talk at a later time.


And one more thing on attraction:

You can keep a girl attracted longer by "Not doing anything stupid", than by being a genius, or pulling rabbits out of hats all day long!

Thanks for reading!