Cool Date Ideas

by Livingstones

Here are a few cool dating ideas that lots of guys miss:

BOWLING is great. It is even better if you don't bowl well. Don't bring your own ball and your wrist brace -- save that BS for your buddies. If you're over 21, you can order drinks. It is cheap. You get to mess up and poke a little fun at yourself. You REALLY get lots and lots of opportunities to bust on her in a cocky and funny way. She'll love it!

LASER TAG is a really good one for the same reasons as above. It is physical and you can "hunt her down" in the dark. You will get sweaty though, but that opens up room for jokes that are easily turned sexual. There are opportunities for her to become comfortable with being close to you in the dark and maybe some touching. It is intense, exciting, and allows for some pseudo competition which is great.

GO-KART RACING is another action packed and thrilling date. You get to compete with her, busting on her all the time. You can also use some self-deprecating humor. It is physical, intense and exciting. Like laser tag, it gets the juices flowing.

ROLLER SKATING is great for the same reasons. You don't have to be good at it either. If you come across as a self-confident DJ with your crap together, it is not at all bad to look just a little foolish. Act totally confident and comfortable while you are a bit vulnerable out there on the rink. She will love it.

SHOOTING POOL is another good one. It is actually DOING something. You get to see her from all sorts of angles. This is a great opportunity to kid her about trying to tease you or trying to make you look at her butt. You tell her to "stop bending over" that she's "just too obvious" with it. She will do the same to you. There is also the whole teaching her how to hold the stick routine. She might be a pool shark, but she might act confused and you get to get close with her and reach around her to show her. You can have a beer or two and once again, laugh at yourself and her. Bet her on games -- loser buys the next round. Then beat her. Then bust on her for having to buy your beer! Act like it's the best beer in the world because it's a VICTORY BEER! She'll love it!

Notice that all of these are physical activities that get you and her up off your rears and doing something. This gets the endorphins flowing which heightens the excitement of it all, which gives her the feelings of being attracted to you. Also, it is just plain fun!

There are opportunities to "high five" each other, maybe touch a little more than would normally be considered appropriate, and plenty of opportunity for laughing at each other and creating an atmosphere of enjoyment without having to feel like you are constantly trying to figure out what to say next.

I am 35, and these may sound like dates for teenagers, but most adult women will REALLY appreciate it! They will feel like they are kids again. It forces them to open up, let loose, and have fun. Take a woman from her mid 20's to early 30's to play laser tag or to race go-karts and YOU will be her definition of a fun and exciting guy!

Everyone is doing dinner and a movie, and you pull out BIG FUN like this! You will definitely stand out from the crowd!