Say Something - Anything

by DJ de Florida

There has been a lot of discussion regarding how to initiate conversation with women. The question continues to be asked: "How do I approach her?"

A Don Juan named 'BGC' mentioned his success with the "Say Something - Anything" approach. At the time I realized that this was how I have been successful meeting women in the past and successful since then. I prefer the witty "Say Something - Anything" approach over anything else, even the "Hi, I'm DJ de Florida" approach.

No pick-up line, no question, no name introduction. Just say something. Here are some examples:

1) You and her are waiting at the check-out desk at your college library. You see her with a stack of psychology books. You simply say "I read those last week -- they were so enjoyable I was going to read them again" with a confident smile and sarcastic voice.

Gauge her response and go with it.

2) You are walking in the courtyard near your work and see a woman eating a sandwich. You walk by her and say "chicken, beef, or hummus" with a friendly voice and smile.

Gauge her response and go with it.

3) You are in the mall and see her by herself in the sporting goods store holding a tennis racquet. You walk by her and say "Remember to give me lessons after winning your first Wimbledon" with a smile.

Gauge her response and go with it.

You just have to "Say Something - Anything" relating to the situation at hand. Look in her eyes with a smile and say it like you already know her.

It's very simple.