In Search of the Perfect Woman

by Zandor Inamaiccac

I find myself perplexed and intrigued, slightly disgusted, as to how women keep me wrapped around their finger tips.

At the drop of the flag I'd race off into oblivion, aimlessly chasing after the proverbial "one" only to be yanked back to the starting line by the noose of reality.

Is my pursuit for the perfect woman in distress due to the fact that she may not even exist? Will I even survive the journey?

The search for the woman that will turn a life around is a life long pursuit. Often this voyage is plagued with visions, manipulations and evil forces.

The character Mitch from the motion picture "Old School" puts it best during a slightly inebriated toast at his friends wedding when he says:

"True love's hard to find: sometimes you think you have true love and then you catch the early flight home from San Diego and a couple of nude people jump out of your bathroom blindfolded like a goddamn magic show ready to double team your girlfriend!"

Most men need women to cure their appetite for companionship, knowing that there exists a woman who will complete him. Hence leading him to experience every woman on the planet until the search is complete, even if it means they might not survive the journey. The young creature then ventures into an unknown world, defenseless to the powers of the predators.

Don't be fooled and for a second think that women do not know of our appetite for the sweet nectar, which only they can offer. Women know this and use it to their advantage.

They tame men like one tames a wild beast. They release it in small doses, enough to quench us for a while and keep us coming back like a drug addict. Some women fine tune their craft and have men slitting their throats and then with their one last gasping breath apologizing for bleeding on their shirt.

Fear not, my fellow brethren, for we were blessed with one weapon which will shine light on this dark journey. It is the same weapon a woman is blessed with, but we do not know this because our desire clouds our thinking. We too can fight on an equal plane as the women.

Once men realize this, the weapons will cancel each other out and leave two defenseless souls ready to embrace each other and form a union. The perfect woman exists in every woman, behind the shield and sword, but it is up to us to disarm them.

Now we must diminish our urge for satisfaction which blinds us all and fight the glorious battle. Untie the noose from around your neck and realize that the woman craves you just as you crave her.

Do not let the woman throw you in a cage and make you eat from her palm for eternity, but make her wish it were her in the cage eating from your palm.

In order to do so you must never show fear, they can smell it; they sense it and build off of it.

Learn your skill and use it to cancel out all offense mechanisms and then you will see the woman for who she is -- the perfect woman.