Bald-Headed Chicks

by Darkpower

I know that this is going to sound retarded, but it worked for me -- 5 times!

We all deal with confidence issues on some level.

I can easily chase down and devour 8's and below, however for the last year I haven't been able to conquer the elusive 9's and 10's (on the 10-point attractiveness scale).

Reason: confidence issues on some level.

Okay my tip...

Today in the mall I came across two 9's, three 8's, and one 10. Once again the 8's were child's play. However, upon seen the 9's and 10 I froze immediately. After about a few seconds of mind altering techniques I recouped.

Forced by my killer instinct to devour (attract) these women I shot out toward each one completely confident that I would be victorious. However, upon each confrontation I could sense fear on its way.

I came up with a crafty idea just before I became petrified.

I pictured both of the 9's and the 10 with NO HAIR AT ALL!

It's hard but if you can focus throughout the entire confrontation you can feel the pressure and fear actually lift off your shoulders while you're dying laughing on the inside.

This exercise does two things: it brings them down to a level where they're not seen by you as goddesses to be worshipped, but poor afflicted creatures to be pitied.

Secondly, it loosens you up so that you now have the nuts to say what you really mean.

I promise on each occasion I had the feeling as if I knew something that they didn't and I truly believe that it was this cockiness and strange glare in my eyes that made them drop their guards completely.

When you look at sexy females with mystery they melt like butter.

I know this is silly, but hey, whatever works right?