Just Kiss Her

by Davis Does Dallas

I have a friend who is just a natural with people. It's as though he has this compulsion to talk to whoever he finds within ten feet of himself. He's funny and a fantastic conversationalist.

Despite this rare and coveted gift, however, he just has no luck with women.

When we were discussing his maligned fortune, he said he had a hard time "closing the deal," asking me how I went from talking to a girl at the bar to pressing her up against the jukebox. He was shocked by my answer...

"I just kiss her."

You can talk to a girl for an hour and be no closer to your goal. Or, you can open the conversation amicably, convert to flirting, and if she responds favorably, just kiss her.

If she's receptive at all, she'll be impressed you ACTED, and chances are she'll kiss you back. If she pushes you away, you just saved yourself an hour of wasted conversation, and you're free to try again with someone else.

Yes, it is that simple.

Davis Does Dallas