I Have Too Many Women

by Todman

I have found that attracting and dating women is hard, but very rewarding if you're patient.

I went through so much rejection, even following all the Don Juan tips, before ever getting any attention from attractive women. I got several phone numbers, only to have them not return my messages. I had girls ditch me at the last minute. Etc.

I think I just had to filter out a lot of bitchy women to get through to the more "friendly" ones. Now after using some dating tips and advice I have too many women -- I'm having to turn them down. It just took some time and rejection... but if you get over it, soon you will get your rewards.

My best advice -- don't call them.

I was dating a girl and trying everything only to get no sex, no attention, and her dating other guys. I was just her security blanket.

I finally stopped calling and decided to just let her call me. I NEVER called.

It drove me nuts but it worked. All these other guys were calling her and not one single phone call from me.

So now, I get tons of sex, attention, and my phone never stops ringing from this girl. She only sees me now while the other guys keep calling her with no luck!