Why Nice Guys Don't Score

by Shandoli

We were discussing an issue during a lesson in college today. An issue you could relate to DJism.

"What would it be like if you could get everything in life without having to do anything?"

My answer: Great but only for a certain period of time. Afterwards, there would be no point living!

You live and have something to work towards, and that is a challenge. You save up all year to go on a 2-week holiday and you love it because you worked for it, and now you reap the rewards.

Now imagine yourself in a holiday resort 365 days a year. Eventually you will get bored and wanna do something different. You need something different.

So if you get everything in life without having to work for it, you will eventually get fed up. That, my friends, is one of the main reasons why "Nice Guys" don't score. Girls get bored so quickly because there is no challenge.

Imagine yourself playing a new computer game. You love it as long as you can't win it. But as soon as you get to the end, you get bored of the game and buy another one.

Well, we DJs are like a computer game that the girls should never be able to win.

We should have different levels and the girls should try to complete all of these levels, and after each completed level, we reward them by giving them some of our attention.

But this game should get updated regularly with new levels gained by experience with more than one woman and each level should have surprises and bonuses to keep the girls on their toes. And keep them interested.