Don't Ask for Permission


Ask any woman and she will tell you that in her eyes, part of being a man is knowing how and when to lead a woman. And when the guy doesn't know how to do that, it's a big turn off to them.

Leading is important in many aspects of your interaction with women, and one major such aspect is... not asking permission for certain things.

For instance, saying "Can I kiss you?" before going for that first kiss is a TERRIBLE thing to do. First of all, it ruins the anticipation and the romantic tension. Second, it communicates to a woman that you are a total wimp and don't have the balls to kiss her if you see that the moment is right. And lastly, it puts a woman in an uncomfortable position -- what is she supposed to say - "Yes, go ahead" - how stupid would she feel if she does that?

I remember I heard a woman laugh at her date when she was telling me how this guy asked her if he could hold her hand when they were sitting at a movie theatre. She ended telling me that story with a big "eewwww."

So... don't do that! None of that "can I kiss you?" "can I hold your hand?" "can I take you to a restaurant?" "is it ok if we go for a walk?" crap!

Instead, if you see that the moment is right for a kiss, stop talking (shutting up is a wonderful thing sometimes), look in her eyes, and go for it gracefully and confidently.

Instead of asking to hold her hand, just pick her palm with your hand gently and hold it.

Instead of asking if she would like to go to a certain place, say, "Get ready, we are going to that new place." Or ... "Put some comfortable shoes on. We are going for a walk."

Don't ask a woman: "Can I get your number?" -- you don't need permission! Just ask: "What is your number?"

I am sure you get my point by now.

Contrary to what some might think, this is not being controlling. You are not telling her how to live her life or what to do. You are being a man -- an attractive man, who takes care of things and shows his confidence in simple yet very effective ways.