How to Handle Being Dumped

by Jariel

Earlier this year I met a girl in a 3-year long-term relationship. She admitted she was attracted to me and started developing feelings for me. Things with her boyfriend were turning stale and in the end she decided to break up with him and pursue a relationship with me.

I felt flattered and rather cocky knowing I had just won this girl from her long-term boyfriend. Things were going well, she didn't want to talk to him and every time he called she brushed him off. Her friends praised me, she was proud to be with me, and things were developing fast.

However, her ex-boyfriend suddenly changed his attitude and instead of getting jealous of me or upset over being dumped, he gave us his best wishes, told her there were no hard feelings and he moved on. He started hanging round with his friends more and stopped calling her.

After two weeks of not hearing from him she started calling him to check if he was ok and see what he was up to, only to find he was fine and enjoying his free time. Soon she started pushing him to remain friends and asking him to meet up with her. He postponed, cut his calls with her short, and even stood her up a few times.

Yet she persisted more.

All this time I could see it was getting under her skin and that I was losing her affection. I could have been the perfect guy, but he had the upper hand and there wasn't a thing I could do about it. Every time he made an excuse not to meet her or ignored her call, she would get uptight and keep moaning about him.

Sure enough she told me she wanted him back. She left me and started pursuing him all the time, but he continued backing off. She became obsessed and depressed, wouldn't look at another guy and even burst out crying if he didn't answer her calls.

Next thing I hear, they're back together under his terms. He had her in the palm of his hand.