The Dog Bite

by 014

The next time you're on a date with a girl that you're really into and want to create some emotion, try this: I call it "The Dog Bite."

I have used this numerous times and it creates two emotions -- EXCITEMENT and LAUGHTER.

This is what you do...

You: I had this weird dream last night.

Her: Really? Like what?

You: I was running down this alley and this vicious dog was chasing me. I ran into a dead end and fell to the ground. You know what happened?

Her: No. What?

You: He bit me right here on my neck (point to a spot on your neck). Go ahead feel it.

When she goes to touch your neck, quickly turn your head and snap at her finger!!!

Don't bite it, but just before she touches your neck, take a playful bite at it.

The girl will jump and laugh her butt off! I never had a date that didn't.

It will definitely lighten up your date and she will perceive you as a fun guy -- which may be the most important quality you can show a new girl.