Start the Interaction Immediately


As I am sure you DJs well know, being different is one of the best ways to distinguish yourself with women. I suggest you consider the following very effective and very simple way to stand out when approaching a woman in a casual, non-bar, non-club situation (cafe, restaurant, department store, etc.).

So first ... what do most guys do?

They see an attractive woman and try to lock eyes with her. If it happens they look away, and then after a while, try to make eye contact again. Most of the time, the woman will not look back for whatever reason: perhaps she is shy, or not interested, or doesn't think anything will come out of it and it will be a waste of time... just like with all the other guys who look and never do anything.

You, however, are going to be different. You are going to develop the ability and awareness of such situations so that as soon as you lock eyes with a woman, at that very moment, you are going to do something to start the interaction.

Here is my favorite way of doing it. I enter a cafe. Normally people and women turn around to see who is coming in. I lock eyes with the woman/women while walking it, waive at them and casually yet loudly enough throw out - "How is it going?"

Make sure that your "How is it going?" sounds inquiring enough so that they know that you expect them to actually respond. This will get you into a conversation right away! Without any games, hesitation, fear, etc...

Now, the key to a successful execution of this is NOT making a big deal out of it. If you stop while walking, looking at them directly and talking to them as if you were a soldier talking to an officer -- it's not going to go well. You should execute your waiving and "How is it going?" routine as if it was the most natural and common thing for you to do whenever you enter a new place.

And guess what -- with time and practice it will become very natural and common for you.