After Action Reports

by Seth C.

I'm in Army ROTC in college. One thing the ARMY always does is have a plan. They have a mission, objectives, and a plan of action.

Things may not always go the way they want them to, so after every mission the team will conduct an "After Action Report", known as an AAR. This is the reflection period in which they analyze their mission. What was the plan? What was the planned outcome? What was the actual outcome? They pick their performance apart with a fine toothed comb to figure out what they are doing right or wrong.

They use a form (yes a lot of the time they do this on paper) that has a specific format... which I have adapted to use to analyze my dates. And I can tell you this really works to improve your game. I use Microsoft Word and I type an AAR after all my dates now.

I use this format:

- Date this event happened.

- My plan. What is my goal? What is supposed to happen? (Ex: the plan is that me and Jennae are going to meet at the club. I'm going to be light and funny, and build some comfort with her through kino (touch) and conversation. After we've been there I will try to get her out of the club to see a movie or go to my place to hang out. If things are going well I plan to have sex with her. If things go well but she can't stay out late, I will try to kiss close her.)

- The actual event. (Ex: I met Misty at the club and we danced. The conversation started off slow because I was a little nervous. I wasn't using kino enough. After I realized how stiff I was I loosened up and we started having a good time. She sent me some interest signals and I negged her...bla bla bla.) Just tell the story exactly how it happened.

- List things you need to SUSTAIN. (Ex: keep using kino, it works. Keep standing tall and being confident, etc.)

- Improves. (Ex: I need to improve on using kino, the palm reading routine, etc.)

And that's it. These AAR's can get really detailed. Also I have noticed some patterns that were killing me on dates... and since I can go back and analyze my past performance I can always improve my game. And it is improving as a direct result.

So next time you go out on a date or any planned interaction with a female target, make sure to evaluate the events and improve for next time!