Random Thoughts on Women

by Icepick

* Don't worry about attracting chicks. Have a good time and be confident and in control. Then even if by some weird chance no chicks are attracted to you, you are still happy and dominant.

* One important thing to remember is that you are not a loser because you failed with women. You are a loser because you gave up your power and your control to them.

* Communication is fun. Laugh and joke and screw around with people. Talk to everyone. You are not aiming to impress them or anybody. You are aiming to make your life interesting.

* Girls love small talk. Don't scorn small talk. Bask in it. It is the spice of life. Say whatever is on your mind.

* Don't look for a girlfriend. Talk to girls and have fun with them. The ones that are good for you will make themselves known. Then it is time for you to initiate the process.

* The only thing that you can't recover from is the reputation of a wuss bag. You can recover from the reputation of a jerk. Err on the side of jerkiness, if you must.

* If you do something dumb, don't feel bad. Don't feel like you owe something to the party that was wronged. Just calmly and confidently diffuse the situation. People will remember that, and it will leave a stronger impression then the dumb thing you originally did.

* You define yourself. People try to pigeonhole you to set you in place. NO, you don't need to take that. You place yourself in life, and the only people that are successful are the ones who realize this fact.

* Enjoy everything. Don't let society tell you what to do. Don't pick up girls to impress your friends.

* Not every situation can be won. Know when to bail.