Actions Are More Attractive Than Words


One of the most common mistakes that men make, that can literally kill attraction in women, is bragging.

"I am intelligent."
"I am smart."
"I am rich."
"I am honest."
"I am trustworthy."
"I am successful."
"I have a great sense of humor."
"I work out a lot."
"I like to play hard and work hard."

Avoid making such claims. You will probably come across as arrogant, and turn women off quicker than bad breath.

Instead, if you want to communicate certain good qualities of yours, do it INDIRECTLY. Do something that would make a woman infer that you have those great qualities.

Instead of saying that you are funny -- tell her a joke.

Instead of saying that you are smart -- share your view or opinion on some controversial political or philosophical issue.

Instead of saying that you like to work hard and play hard -- take her out for a run/hike or to play tennis.

Instead of telling her that you like classical music -- put your favorite CD on for her in your car or at your place.

Actions speak louder than words and they are sure more attractive to women than words.

Keep this in mind and you will get much further with the women you meet and like.