Why You Should Get a Life

by Chris

Age brings wisdom.

Usually too late, but it does bring wisdom. So for the young guys willing to listen, old DJs can supply valuable knowledge, without you having to experience the pain and frustration of learning it on your own.

I know, pain is a wonderful teacher. Probably the best. But listening to someone who's been there... is less painful.

This gets to "getting a life." Most guys in their early teens start to notice women and desire the touch, the smell, and all the good things women have. They are soft, they smell good, and above all feel good. This is why we desire them. So the natural reaction is when you see something you want, you chase after it, pursue it.

This is where we make our first mistake. Guys get consumed with women, sex, dating, the whole thing. Guys change their look, their personality, their identity, in hopes of attracting women. There is a powerful craving for the leg candy. So we alter our true being in hopes of getting the leg candy. Major Wrong Move!

I'm not saying that you shouldn't look your best, have a good, but not overpowering sense of humor, be mildly flirtatious, without being obnoxious. In other word, you pursue/flirt, but subtlety and with class. Like no one even notices. That's a true DJ.

Women spot desperation and hunger a mile away. They see it in your eyes, your body language, and your interaction. They also spot confidence and class. It's a 6th sense for them.

Wow, that's a lot to keep up with. What then, do you do?

The key is to get a life.

If you have 10 hobbies or interest in your life, such as golf, collecting stamps, swimming, fishing, etc., women should be about #5 on that list... NOT #1. This is where the hunger and desperation comes in. You get hungry and desperate, and you will get rejected fast.

Ouch! Confidence falls, and a vicious cycle starts.

The way to avoid this is to never let it happen in the first place. Remember, confident guys desire affection/sex but do not crave it. They have other things going on in their life, besides trying to get laid every day. Trying to get "laid every day" is the quickest way to not getting laid at all.

So, the moral of the story -- get a life, get hobbies, have guy friends that think the way you do, confident guys that love women, but don't obsess over them. Play golf, fish, shoot pool... and if you meet a girl through you activities and you click -- wonderful. This is the kind of girl you want. She understands you have a life and won't expect you to drop everything for her all the time.

If you meet a girl through you activities, and you don't click... so be it. No big deal. The hungry/desperate would get bummed and sulk about this, but not you. You have life, interest, friends, etc.

Like the Barber Shop man says... Next! The whole key with women is "Less Is More."

"Women are like your shadow. Chase it and it moves away. Move away from it and it follows."

Good Luck!