3 Quick Tips to Help You Succeed with Women

by Various DJs

Feel Better

I know this tip has been mentioned before but I think exercise is one of the best things you can do to increase your self-confidence, and it isn't emphasized enough.

Ever since I started going to the gym in January I've experienced a huge boost in my self-confidence, and my luck with girls has increased exponentially.

Exercising makes you look better but more importantly it makes you FEEL better. It makes you feel more alive, more energetic and more masculine.

In terms of return on investment, exercising is the best thing you can do on your path to DJ'hood!

Go out and do something active that you find fun. Force yourself to go to the gym for two weeks and after that you won't be able to stop, I guarantee you. Find a sport you enjoy. The most important thing is that you move your body and work up a sweat!


Get Your Head Out of the Gutter

I used to be like this. I would wonder what to say, what to do, and it would screw up my chances with many of the girls that I met. I was inside my head, focusing internally trying to figure out things, while the girl slipped away.

Here's the idea...

Focus your intention on the OUTSIDE environment, not INSIDE your head. When you do that, what happens is that you start to notice a lot more of what's going on, you stop worrying about what to say, and things just come out of your mouth. If you focus on one thing, like for example her behavior, or something that she's doing, you will save yourself a whole lotta hassle.

I know it's hard, and I know it will take time and practice. Though I believe it is well worth the effort. Externalize your focus, and detach from your outcome.


Create a Bar Trap

My friend and I have used this effectively on many occasions.

If you're sitting at a bar that is full, people are always coming up to the bar to get drinks, and they typically go to the areas where there is a sufficient gap between two seated people. Creating such a gap between yourself and the friend next to you means girls are always coming to that area.

All I ever have to do is give them a "Hey, how you doing?" and it almost always leads to a conversation of at least a few minutes. At that time you can decide if you wish to pursue it further by going for the number, etc.

The only drawback is determining which of you will be talking to which girls, but fortunately I was hanging out with a married guy so he was just there for the fun.