Connection Through Conversation

by Jonathan Skywalker

A lot of men have trouble conversing with people, let alone a potential partner. Remember those times when you were on dates and the conversations just went blank. You wouldn't know what to say, things were getting awkward.

The good news is when given the opportunity, women love to talk. Talking for long periods of time creates feelings of natural connection in a woman. Women will love you if they feel like they are being heard. Women will just talk and talk and talk until they are your best friend.

Being a good listener is so important in a relationship. In fact, it's critical. Listening makes women feel like you really care about how they are doing and about them as a person. It creates love.

I want to tell you about how to create connections through listening to conversation. Women will reveal all about themselves using this formula -- everything about their inner personality. The will reveal their desires, their secrets, their sacred stories, everything involved when they are with somebody they care about on a romantic level. It's called the four second rule.

What you do is begin your conversation with a woman and let her talk. It doesn't matter what she is talking about as long as she seems interested. Wait until she has finished saying everything she has to say and count in your mind for four seconds. What will happen is she will begin talking again within that count of 1 2 3 4.

If she doesn't talk within that count of four seconds, simply repeat the last thing she said and get her talking again. You can say the last half of her sentence in the form of a question or a statement of what is. For example:

Janelle: "I love the snow.... It's just so pretty...."

1 2 3 4

Jonathan: "So pretty?"

Janelle: "Yeah, I could stare at it for hours.... I just love the whiteness of the ice..."

1 2 3 4

Jonathan: "Whiteness of the ice?"

Janelle: "It reminds me of when I was a little girl. My dad used to take me to the mountains. We had....."

(and she just goes on, revealing all of the stories of her life).

Conversations can go on for hours like this. What you're doing is releasing a woman's naturally abundant tendency to talk until the cows come home. She will feel like you're the best person in the world, all for listening to her. I've had women thank me just for sitting there and listening to them.

The four second rule is an ideal solution for dates where you are stumped on what to talk about and if you want her to treat you like her best friend, which is important when you're trying to be her intimate partner.

So the next time you're out, try the four second rule. It'll sure create those feelings of friendship and comfort and let you know everything about her.

Jonathan Skywalker
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