Why You Shouldn't Be Intimidated by Attractive Women

by PracticalHappiness.com

It's not a secret that one of the biggest obstacles that men have toward approaching very attractive women is the fact that they are intimidated by them.

When a man hears that these women are just like all other women and that there is no reason to be intimidated by them, he might believe that and yet that argument alone will not eliminate his fear of approaching and meeting those women.

However, understanding the actual reasons why no man should be intimidated by a very beautiful woman proves to be a very effective way of eliminating that same feeling.

So, here are three major reasons why you should not be afraid of talking to beautiful women:

1. The obvious but often overlooked truth is that attractive women are NOT that rare or uncommon. Go to any club or a bar and you will find dozens of women who are extremely attractive and would easily qualify as models or actresses. So... beautiful women are not scarce. What is scarce are beautiful women with equally beautiful personalities.

2. Remember -- what intimidates you is not a woman's beauty but her attitude. A woman's snooty ways of carrying herself, avoiding eye contact, and walking with the head high up is what makes her come across as unfriendly, unhappy, and otherwise unapproachable.

3. If you have met a few beautiful women, then you know that the likelihood that their personality matches their beauty is extremely low. In fact, many if not most of these women are uninteresting, shallow, high maintenance and otherwise unworthy of spending time with. And this is true of both sexes.

Why is this important? Well, because one of the reasons that guys are intimidated by beautiful women is because they think that these women are godly creatures and they have godly, outstanding characters. But this is usually not the case.

4. Many guys believe that these beautiful women are "out of their league." This belief has no foundation in real life. It doesn't take long to look around and notice how many beautiful women date and have relationships with guys who are physically and otherwise mediocre. So... the "out of my league" argument is just an excuse not to take action, and one that you should abandon.

So, whenever you see a beautiful woman that you want to approach, remember the above points, be realistic and assume that she is not going to be all that interesting until and unless she proves otherwise. And this will eliminate much of your fear of approaching her.

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