Perfecting Your Phone Game

by Zooloo

I have an unfair advantage here. I work as a phone rep. After taking enough calls you learn a few tricks that will help you control the conversation. But you don't need to be a phone rep to control a telephone call.

Before the tricks, I'll say this. I like to open the conversation with a cocky/funny joke. It sets a great tone for the conversation. I've had friends try this and it does not work nearly so well for them. Try it, see if it works for you.

First, set your own energy level and let them match it.

Do not match their energy, set your own level (preferably happier and slightly more energetic than theirs) and stick to it. Eventually they will come to match your tone.

Second, practice your laugh.

Yeah, it's a weird one. Practice laughing over the phone with friends. Some people tend to laugh right into the microphone making a wind noise. Other people's laughs just carry weirdly over the line. Call a friend and tell him what's happening, then just trade jokes over the line and give each other feedback. I know it sounds strange, but listen to Mystery talk sometime. He has a fantastic laugh and it adds a great deal to his speak.

Third, slow down!

We all naturally talk faster on the phone. This is an unproductive habit as it is actually harder to listen on the line. While you are talking with your friend, help each other to slow down your speech. Remember, a pause is often the most valuable word.

Fourth, try to sound natural.

You want the subject to recognize your voice and speech patterns automatically.

Finally, avoid negs on the phone.

Negging someone on the phone won't do anything but make the subject not want to talk to you on the phone anymore.

Hope this helps!