Why Happiness Is the Number One Factor In Attracting Women


I disagree with confidence being the #1 factor in attracting women. I believe happiness is #1 and confidence is #2.

How could someone be truly confident when they aren't happy? Without happiness why do women even matter? Why does anything matter? If you think you'll all of a sudden be happy when you have met that perfect one in a million girl who you love, you are crazy.

I guarantee every single true Don Juan has everlasting and infinite happiness. No matter what kind of crap they go through, they can still bust out the biggest smile of anyone. Confidence, charm, charisma, and all of that stuff comes with happiness.

When you achieve happiness, you stop caring and stop fearing talking to women. What happens when you do that? You become confident, and even if you don't have great charisma, you'll achieve it with the practice you put forward.

We all have our problems. What separates the men from the boys is how we deal with our problems. Your happiness should be your #1 priority, because without it, nothing matters, and you truly can't enjoy anything.