8 Keys to Success with Women

by KillaPetehog

1) Always judge a woman by the way SHE ACTS... and not by what she tells you.

If she tells you that she loves you, but doesn't respond to the way you touch her. If she tells you that she likes you, but acts differently. Don't waste your time. Go by how she acts. You have eyes. You are NOT STUPID! You KNOW when woman's actions do not match up with her words.

2) Don't try to IMPRESS a woman. Rather, try to INTEREST her.

There is a difference! When you impress, you are getting a woman for the short term. The problem with impressing a woman is that you have to constantly think of new tricks. It's easier to INTEREST her. If you do not know the difference between impressing a woman and interesting her, you have a lot to learn.

The man who impresses a woman is a magician. He thinks of new tricks and the audience gasps in wonder! But after some time his tricks are for nothing. Then he has to learn new tricks.

The man who interests a woman is a painting. It is a beautiful painting that a person stares at in awe. And with each passing day, it is still beautiful. It is timeless. And all who look upon the painting know that it is GENUINE beauty. Interest her rather than impress her. Impressing a woman is fake. Interesting a woman is genuine.

3) Do you know what I find ironic? If a girl never liked you to begin with, your gifts, flowers, and chocolates won't do a DAMN thing. And on the same token, if a girl already liked you, your gifts, flowers and chocolates are unneeded, because she ALREADY liked you.


When a man exercises and becomes stronger, he changes. A woman takes notice.

When a man studies hard and gets the job that he desires, he changes. A woman takes notice.

When a man gets a rewarding career and gets the wealth that he desires, he changes. A woman takes notice.

When a man works on improving his own life and fulfilling his own dreams, he changes. A woman takes notice.

When a man focuses on improving himself physically, socially, mentally and spiritually, he changes. A woman takes notice.

AMBITION is absolutely attractive to a woman. And this is why a woman is intrigued by a man who speaks and thinks with ambition. Some women will desire a man, even if he is poor, if his ambition burns in his soul. Women associate ambition with potential. A man with ambition is always striving for perfection and for obtaining that which he desires.

5) The only way to have a happy life is to develop one for yourself, then leave an opening for someone else to come and share it with you.

Neither of these two things is easy. A WOMAN WILL NOT FULFILL YOUR LIFE. You must fulfill your own life!

6) Observe the best salesmen!

There are certain salesmen that you will never buy from. And there are the ones that you do. Observe the best salesmen. Observe the way he talks to you. WHAT DOES HE DO? HOW DOES HE ACT? HOW DOES HE WALK? HOW DOES HE TALK? What is his "secret"?

If you are a wise man you will learn from him. Watch him. Observe him. Study him. Read him. BECOME HIM. Believe it or not, getting a woman is the ability to SELL. You have to show her why YOU are BETTER than the other men.

7) Know this rule about women: A woman who truly likes you will MAKE TIME TO BE WITH YOU.

A woman who truly likes you will never be too busy for you. Learn this now! If a girl ever tells you that she's too busy for you, you better understand... women make time for men that they love!

8) The Right Way to Talk to a Girl...

I think there is a lot of confusion on how to speak to women. Some people recommend pickup tips and pickup lines and things of the sort. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of books on the subject. But I've learned better. I've learned that it doesn't do any good to try to memorize lines to talk to a woman.

I've learned that the best way to attract a woman is to be interesting. Act like she knows you. Act like you know her. How do you talk to your friends? How do you talk to those who know you? Do you speak like that to her? Well, you should.

The key is to act like you know her, but you want to add a tinge of sexuality. You don't want to just be that friend. You want to also show that you have some interest in her. Whenever I try to attract a woman, I act like she's an ex-girlfriend of mine. Just show a genuine interest in her. I talk to her like I know her. But at the same time, I show her that I'm a bit playful. I let her know that she is a woman and I am a man.

The trick and the puzzle of WOMEN is that they've been conditioned to hear pickup lines. They've been conditioned to think that the moment a man approaches them, they are always looking for sex.

But when you come up to women and act like you know them. When you say, "Hi"! And you keep talking to her like you know her, she'll feel a sense of ease and comfort. And that is exactly how you should make her feel. When you make a woman comfortable, then you have completed the most difficult obstacle of all.