How to Tell If a Girl Is Interested In You?

by Craig Reeves

The AGE OLD question: "Is she interested in me?" has come up. Now, I want to share with you a very simple way of finding out if this is the case.

First of all, I want to let you know that female interest is a COMPLETELY different animal than OUR interest.

You see, our interest is extremely consistent. When we are interested in a woman, we are interested in her ALL THE TIME. Our interest in a woman will stay with us no matter what. Even the mere THOUGHT of the woman that we are interested in can make us feel that attraction and anxious feeling in our gut.

This does not work the same way for women. You see, a woman can be totally into you at the time, but later on not really feel as much for you. You must remember this at ALL times. Female interest does NOT work the same way as MALE interest.

HOWEVER....there IS one thing that IS similar.

The interest that the woman has is still *there*, it's just not *activated* unless you are in her presence.

So remember, we are not going to confuse her MOOD with her INTEREST in us. Many times when a woman gets "flighty" with us, we think it's because she isn't interested in us when it could be the MOOD that she is in. Please do not make this mistake!

Another thing, you need to ALWAYS assume that until you are given DIRECT PROOF that she is not interested in you (has a boyfriend, has said "no" or has told you she wasn't interested), then she is. That, or you just get tired of pursuing her and you eventually lose interest yourself.

It's quite difficult to check for whether a woman is INTERESTED or not, but is VERY easy to check whether a woman is NOT interested. The best way to do this is to MAKE A MOVE (phone number, date request, kiss test, etc.), if the woman says NO, or says she doesn't want to do it, then you've got your answer.

This doesn't necessarily mean that you should through in the towel YET, I know a lot of guys who have gotten NO from women but turned around and gotten the woman to want them. This is possible, but usually if you're given a "no" then you eventually will get sick of pursuing her anyway.

Now, if she just says something like "Oh well I'm busy" or whatever, you may try again. She could very well be interested in you, but her MOOD is not allowing her to FEEL it.