Jump-Start Your Confidence With Women

by Phry

At 22 I had been running my own business for a few years and had employees working for me all over the world with a sweet office on the second story of a pedestrian mall downtown. But I was still just a chump when it came to women.

I thought with the more success in business I had the girls would just come automatically, but they didn't. I was too afraid to approach girls, and when I did I didn't know what to say. My heart was always racing and I often mumbled stupid things in my nervousness.

So I'd pound a few more drinks thinking it would give me more confidence even though it never did. It was a big turn-off for women! Although like an idiot, I kept going out and doing the same things over and over only to end up frustrated and hung-over.

Yet, I frequently chat with Billionaires or Elected Officials about business and politics with ease, but put a beautiful woman in front of me and I turned into a babbling idiot. I didn't understand how that was possible.

A friend of mine recommended I read "The Game" and it opened my eyes to a whole new world. I finished the book in a few days and got online where I found this site (which I still check religiously for new tips).

I Was Excited!

I was excited to put these new strategies to the test, but I was reluctant to use them in my hometown for fear I would see the women again later and feel humiliation if I failed at a pickup.

Since most of this game stuff originated around L.A., I flew out there for a long weekend to meet women in Orange County, Long Beach and Hollywood. I opened most of the women in the clubs each night.

I had to get over my fear because I was in L.A. specifically for that reason. Every time I got nervous before an approach I just reminded myself that I flew out here just to talk to her. I was completely committed and had no excuses.

I chatted up everyone — bouncers, bartenders, cops, cocktails, models, and even a Miss California top 10 contestant.

My Heart Was Still Jumping!

My heart was still jumping but the more I talked the more I realized I had nothing to be afraid of.

I was getting into clubs without waiting in line and bartenders were giving me drinks so filled with booze I had to go back a couple times to get the drink watered down. I'd never been to these bars/clubs before, but I was getting VIP treatment without throwing around cash.

The trick was to be friendly and social without an ego or agenda. I was just trying to have a great time.

When I talked to people I explained I was in town on vacation because I'd heard everyone in L.A. was really nice and friendly. People responded in kind. By the end of the last night in Hollywood an attractive woman asked me to get a hotel room with her. I was too shocked to even know how to respond. I was getting the results I wanted, but way faster than I could even handle it. Talk about Validation!

After that weekend I've honed my skills and internalized the information on this site. I got over my fear of women after making hundreds of approaches. After who knows how many nights out and hundreds of vodka redbulls.

The Magic of Building Attraction!

Once you understand the magic of building attraction, you can get the validation you need to literally not care about getting girls. Most of them are stupid creatures with nice bodies anyway. I don't even ask them out anymore because the right ones will ask me out first.

As the saying goes "The older I get, they keep staying the same age". Women will always be out there! Unlike women, the older a man gets the more attractive he becomes. Now that I'm not stressing about chasing tail all the time I'm much happier and can put more focus on things that really matter in life with more confidence and conviction.

I owe it all to the jump-start I got in L.A. If you are new to the game I highly recommend committing yourself to a trip specifically to get over your approach anxiety. Arm yourself with the material on this site and use it. Even if you have to put a trip on a credit card — I assure you it will be worth it!

When you are out of your element you have no reason not to bust through your comfort zone. Even if you make a fool of yourself no one will know but you. Rather than feel anxiety at approach or humiliation at rejection, you will learn from your mistakes and try again, that's the purpose of your trip!

Safe Travels!

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