The Hand Kiss

by John Strohm

In a social setting, even a casual Happy Hour, kissing the woman's hand instead of shaking it on that first introduction can earn you OODLES of Romance Points in her book. I do this as a matter of habit, if the lady is at all charming and gives me any hint at all that she won't freak about it.

Many years ago, talking with a female friend, the topic came up somehow. She stated that she'd been talking with several girlfriends not too long previously, and they had UNANIMOUSLY agreed that kissing the lady's hand was the single most romantic gesture that a man could make, and it ALWAYS got their attention when a guy did it.

My personal experience: I have NEVER had a negative reaction from a lady on this. NEVER.

You don't have to do the deep bow you see in the movies. You actually don't have to bow at all, although a LITTLE bit of one won't hurt. I find it works even better if you can make eye contact at the moment or instantly after.

And you get a very quick reading on whether she is used to having her hand kissed or not, based on how quickly she reads the cue that this is your intent and how she rides it.

John R. Strohm