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Places to Meet Women

When you're in High School or College you're usually surrounded by desirable females, so finding them is not much of a problem. However, once you get out into the "real world" it seems your options get a little more limited. So I recently queried the readers of The Don Juan Newsletter for Places to Meet Women that they have discovered which they feel might be of some benefit to their fellow Don Juans. This is what they had to say.

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Hey, this is actually very simple once I explain it. Everywhere!

The main thing is to keep an eye out for women that you desire. There are plenty of "how we met" stories and they all have one common thread. One person took the time (and courage) to say hello and introduce themselves.

I learned the hard way about letting opportunities slip by when I ran into a woman I had desired for years but never approached. She had recently married and just walked up and said hi. She told me that she had the biggest crush on me for years. Ouch! You never know when that girl of your dreams has some dreams of you unless you ask.

And it doesn't matter where you are. At one time or another every women has been in a bar, or supermarket, etc. Think of it this way: would you care where you were if a beautiful and desirable women were to walk up to you and introduce herself? Of course not. The last thing to remember is be very casual. Women will let you know if they wish to reciprocate the attention. Learn the signs and if they are not there just go on your way.

I have found that you meet the best women at gatherings of people with the same interests. Being an Environmentalist (tree hugger) I recently moved to a new state. The first thing I did was find and join the local chapter of The national wildlife federation, the Sierra Club, a local "keep our community clean" group and a recycling promotion group.

I have always volunteered with the Red Cross and one disease (right now it's the council for the blind. (I can sign.)

I have met more beautiful, active, intelligent and caring women than I could date in a year. All I had to do was be myself (honest and caring). Age doesn't seem to matter (I'm a little on the old side age wise, but not in attitude). I have received phone numbers from women as young as 23 to as old as 55.

There are also great places to meet women if you're a dancer (any kind, East coast swing, west coast swing, ballroom, funk, country western, etc.). Lessons are best because the dancers are usually more at your level and lessons aren't the same as asking cold in a bar. My present girl friend is one of those. It's great.

Pick your poison... bowling, pool, athletics, bridge club, horse clubs, whatever turns you on. When it also turns them on, your half way home.

Guys, it is time to ditch the "real men don't dance" crap. Invest in a pair of slick-soled shoes, and hit the floor.

I attend a few dance lessons and schools on a regular basis, and the number one complaint I hear from the mostly female crowd is, "my male friends won't come dance with me"! Hmmm... any light bulbs going on?

A great place to meet ladies because: one, it is almost always a group setting and therefore non-threatening; two, you know a woman who dances is getting exercise, taking care of her body; and three, the females will know that you are a man willing to take chances and learn new things.

And, hey, I can't think of many things more romantic than a slow waltz or a steamy rumba!

As a woman, I have found that bars definitely suck as a place to meet people with ambition, drive, security, etc. Now, don't get me wrong. It's a great place to meet people with drinking problems, who revolve their lives around sporting events, and generally don't have any other interests in life. At least that's the type of guys that are locals and regulars at some of the places I've been to in Los Angeles. And I know that's generalizing quite a bit.

I have my own business as a web design/developer and have joined a business networking group. Oh my god! I can't tell you how many of these people are single and have great lives that you would want to be a part of - not only that, but I have gotten some very valuable friendships out of this network. The huge advantage to this is that these people have all been taught networking skills and will go out and sell you (and your business) to all of the people they are in contact with on a daily basis. For me, that's like having 40 salespeople.

Most people genuinely care about you and want you to be happy. Not only that, but they have "commercials" to sell your business, where you stand up and speak about what you do - the best part? You don't have to tell people you're single because they read your bio before you speak.

Anyway, the type of network group that is the right one for you takes a bit of research, but is well worth it.

Hi, I've found that libraries are a great place to meet attractive, intelligent and aspiring women.

I suppose it depends on what you are looking for. Singles bars and nightclubs provide a certain type of woman, usually one that prefers not to make long-term relationship plans. There are exceptions, of course, but usually that is what you will find in places like that.

I am about to turn thirty, and I have been able to meet quality women in lots of other places. If one is looking for a high-quality female, there certainly are lots of other options open to you. Some of these are:

1. Civic/charity events. Really? Yes. I have met numerous women there who were affluent, or at least had ambitions and goals in life, if not highly educated. These women generally are there to 'make a difference' in whatever the event is about. So, pick a cause you like and get involved.

Don't have a cause? No problem, just pick one you would *like* to get started in, and go anyway. But be careful, most of these women can spot a phony a mile away. The problem is not that you are ignorant of the cause, the problem is that you are pretending to care, and a woman will assume that it is really all about sex. But, if you approach the situation honestly, as in "...I really haven't worked with [YOUR CAUSE HERE], but I've been wanting to get involved with it for some time now..." THEN, most of these women will instantly respect you, because it shows that you care enough to learn and try, and that you can't be too much of a jerk.

2. Churches. What? Churches. No, really. Churches. You know the women there want to get married and have kids (most of them anyway). But be careful, many of the women (and men, too!) are in different stages of inner healing, and having to deal with old issues and new close relationships at once can be disastrous! Ever wonder why some of the most neurotic people go to church? Sometimes it's because they have chosen to face their problems and deal with them, which inevitably brings said problems to the surface. So choose carefully, and you could be rewarded with a loyal, moral mate for life! And yes, a well-adjusted 'church woman' likes sex just as much as anybody else. (Maybe even more so after not having any for a while! Ooops...did I say that out loud? Bad me!)

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