Are Personality Types Important When Dating?

by Katlyn Eriksen

myers-briggs and dating

If you haven't completed an online Myers-Briggs personality test yet, then you could be missing out on a fun activity that can enlighten you how you (and the object of your affection) think and feel.

The test is essentially a tool that has been used by individuals, psychologists, and companies. In the Harvard Business Review, R Thompson explains that globalization has made "understanding people" a key pillar of success.

The Myers-Briggs test is often a subject of debate and ultimately, as Carl Jung said, "Every individual is an exception to the rule."

However, doing the test can be a nice way for you and your date to work out the perfect day out for both of you.

Personality Divisions

The Myers-Briggs test essentially espouses that there are four different classifications when it comes to personality. These are: extroversion vs introversion, sensing vs intuition, thinking vs feeling, and judging vs perceiving.

If you combine these preferences in all possible ways you come to a total of 16 personalities. Some are very similar to each other but have subtle differences.

For instance, INFPs and INFJs are so similar they can be hard to tell apart. INFP stands for introverted, intuitive, feeling, and perceiving. INFJ differs only in the last letter. J stands for judgement (preferring to do things in set way) while P stands for perceiving (being more open to new ideas and ways of doing this).

What Does This Have To Do With Dating?

Most people are not extreme introverts or extroverts, but just this quality can show how individual preferences can influence the idea of 'the perfect date.'

Introverts tend to shy away from large social gatherings and might prefer a more intimate date, while extroverts may be all up for dinner followed by a night out in a buzzing nightclub. Among introverts, Ps may be all up for trying out a new experience (think an exciting abseiling or skydiving experience), while Js may prefer your traditional Sunday couples brunch.

Partners may 'clash' in terms of interest but in reality, differences can be reconciled through a little compromise and turn-taking.

One Size Truly Does Not Fit All

Personality classifications are fun and taking a test online (it takes around five to 10 minutes) with a partner is a fun way to get communication rolling.

For instance, you may have never known that your partner would love to go on an adventure holiday and you may also have quietly desired the same thing. The truth is that even those who are highly structured enjoy doing something completely different, and even the most quiet homebody sometimes craves the happening vibe of a club or concert hall.

Because each of us houses a complex set of needs, wants, and ideas, personality tests can serve as a simple springboard through which to share ideas and make exciting new plans.

If you have never done a personality test before, you may enjoy finding out new things about yourself and your date. Do the test and discuss your results, planning your next date based on the information you glean.

Finally, remember that it never pays to pigeonhole a human being. We are all unique, ever-changing, and just a little bit unpredictable.

This means that when it comes to planning the perfect date, intuition is often king or queen.