What You Need to Do Before Your Big Date with a Woman

by Allen Thompson

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Do you have a pre-date checklist?

This is a simple list of things you need to do before going on an important date with a woman.

It includes things about yourself - such as brushing your teeth, taking a shower, maybe getting your hair trimmed, cutting your fingernails, etc.

It also includes things about your home - such as cleaning your bathroom, washing the dishes, vacuuming the carpet, making sure your fridge is stocked with things to drink and munch on, etc.

And your list should include other miscellaneous items - such as washing your car, getting money out of the bank, making reservations, etc.

It is especially important that you include items on your pre-date checklist that are important but you're apt to forget - making sure you have a full tank of gas, putting a full roll of toilet paper in the bathroom, putting on your favorite cologne, etc. Whatever. The list will vary from person to person.

Even if you think there's very little chance of anything out of the ordinary happening on this particular date, you should always plan that it will. Always be prepared. Even if you're supposed to meet her someplace, you should plan that you and she will wind up in your car at some point, and prep it accordingly.

Even if you think there's very little chance of the two of you coming back to your place, you should have the place spotless and everything in its place just in case. Even if you think there's very little to no chance of anything "sexual" happening, you should plan that it will, and have the appropriate protection, lube, whips, chickens, handcuffs, or whatever other weirdo stuff you happen to be interested in available.

Having this simple checklist, which will grow and grow as you date more and more, will make your life so much simpler and your date so much less stressful.

You won't be on your way out the door, running late to pick her up — as usual — when you realize that there are dirty dishes everywhere, the garbage is overflowing, you have no wine, you need gas, and you have to stop at the bank to get money (oh, and by the way, that particular ATM will not, of course, be working).

Then you arrive 45 minutes late, your date is already annoyed, and you're stressed, sweating, and smell like gasoline.

Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

Develop your pre-date checklist and make your dates the joyful, stress-free, and fun experiences they're supposed to be.

Allen Thompson
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