Being Artistic Can Make You More Attractive to Women

Here's How You Can Unleash Your Creative Side

by Katlyn Eriksen

artistic dating

History has proven that women are immensely attracted to artistic men.

Consider Picasso, who had affairs with numerous women. Some of them were even decades younger than the artist, and they would become the subject of some of his greatest works. There's also Mick Jagger, who was married to Jerry Hall and Bianca Jagger, but who has also reportedly slept with about 4,000 women in his lifetime.

Both men aren't considered to be conventionally attractive, but their skill in their respective fields seem to draw female admirers of all ages. Moreover, there's a scientific explanation as to why creativity can boost an average-looking man's attractiveness.

Find out why being artistic can make you more desirable to women, and what you can do to unleash your creative side.

Why Women Love Creative Men

Art can improve your health and wellbeing, and a recent study shows that it may even elevate your level of attractiveness.

Research has found that creativity can enhance a man's attractiveness as a potential date or partner. What's more, the findings also suggest that the effects of being artistic tend to be more evident in men who have average-looking faces than those who have handsome faces.

This explains why you'll often find women constantly flirting with the nondescript soulful crooner in your neighborhood cafe, or talking to the quirky caricature artist who's always setting shop in the weekend market.

To start your artistic journey, try mastering the basics of different art forms and see what interests you the most. For instance, if you’re into drawing, you can start by sketching realistic facial features, such as a woman's eyes or her side profile, then from there you can create full-on portraits on paper.

If you're interested in photography, learn how to compose carefully, know more about lighting and angles, and take pictures as often as you can before investing in a good camera.

Art Makes You More Appealing to Women

For most women, there's nothing hotter than a man who exudes confidence, and this is why you'll find so many women falling head over heels for a guy who can sing, dance, or play an instrument.

Musicians have the innate confidence to perform onstage, and when they have the charisma to back up their talent, they can be almost unstoppable when it comes to attracting women. Apart from the music, this could be the reason why so many music fandoms are made up of women, and they've supported acts like the Beatles, N'Sync, One Direction, and BTS throughout the decades.

Being a musician takes time, practice, and sincerity, and your commitment to your craft is what's going to separate you from the poseurs. Whether you're a rock, pop, or indie musician, use your talent to uplift everyone's spirits and don't be afraid to showcase your originality.

Set goals, be patient, and be willing to learn more about music before attempting to write your very first song about that one lady that you're crushing on, and before long, you're sure to impress everyone who hears your tunes.

Art can be a great way to increase your attractiveness to women, so start getting creative today.

Who knows, perhaps that portrait that you're working on or that song that you're singing might lead you to the love of your life.