Can Certain Jobs Make You More Attractive To Women?

by Katlyn Eriksen

attractive to women

Romantic attraction is a mystery that has yet to be decoded by experts.

While science has proven that certain qualities, such as being kind or funny, can help you become more attractive to women, there are other aspects that can make you irresistible to the fairer sex, one of which is having a job.

Being a professional not only means that you're looking after your financial future, but it also indicates that you're a responsible and independent individual. These qualities are highly sought-after by women in a potential life partner, which is why having a job is a must if you want to ace the dating game.

However, did you know that certain jobs can make you even more attractive to women?

Surveys have found that men who are on certain career paths are considered to be sexier and more desirable than others. Curious if your line of work made the cut? Here are the jobs that can make you more appealing to women.

Airline Pilot

If you have yet to choose a career path, it's important to pick one that suits your strengths and skills. And most importantly, it must be a job that makes you feel happy and fulfilled. Women gravitate towards a man who finds joy in his work, so do what you need to do to get the job that you want.

Make sure that your resume highlights your experience and abilities, and spend time and effort creating it as it's your ticket to getting your foot in the door. Once you've made a comprehensive and professional resume, you'll need to perfect your interview skills, put together a suitable interview outfit, and head out the door to start your job hunt. Doing all these things may help you get the job you want.

Now, if you're adamant about getting a sexy job, then you may need to look into what it takes to become a certified pilot.

There's something about a man in uniform that women really like, and it's no surprise that being an airline pilot is one of the top jobs that the ladies find to be highly attractive.

Experts say that a man who flies planes for a living is seen as being fearless, intelligent and daring. Moreover, his uniform represents strength and power, and women are naturally drawn to that.


Ever wonder why TV shows like "ER" and "Grey's Anatomy" are so popular among the ladies?

Apart from the riveting storylines, it's because of the men in scrubs who are working tirelessly to save lives. Women find doctors to be highly attractive, as being a health professional requires them to be compassionate, dedicated and committed.

Being a doctor also means that you're academically sound, and as intelligence is another quality that women look for in a partner, it's a no-brainer why the ladies always fall for a doctor.

Bonus points if you're a doctor who looks like George Clooney.


Nothing's more heroic — or dangerous — than putting out a fire to save lives.

That combination of heroism and the dangerous nature of their work is what makes a firefighter almost unbearably sexy to women. Moreover, the fact that they can remain calm and cool in the face of a stressful situation is what makes them attractive.

What woman wouldn't want a man who keeps it together in times of distress?


If you've got wicked cooking skills, then you're in luck, as women find chefs to be highly desirable.

As cooking is a basic life skill that every adult should take the time to learn, knowing how to cook well isn't only impressive, but it shows that you're passionate about what you do.

Also, women who've had the pleasure of eating a meal that was cooked for them by their man feel cherished and taken cared of. So if you're an ace behind the stove, then this career may be suitable for you.

Men who have these jobs are considered to be hot and attractive by women, but if your job isn't on this list, don't fret. Remember that your passion and dedication matters, and ladies want nothing more than a man who loves his job and does it well.

And that will always be infinitely sexy.